What to do in Koh Phangan ?

do in Koh Phangan

What to do in Koh Phangan ?

Here you are at the right place to know what to do on Koh Phangan.

The island of Ko Pha Ngan, located a few miles north of Koh Samui, is much wilder. Three quarters of its surface is covered with a thick jungle. The coastline suddenly reveals pretty coves on a coast of the most tormented. Hikers will be delighted by the many paths. Well, of course, some concreted places but we forget them quickly if we move away. (le routard 2016)

Although Koh Phangan is often associated with the Fullmoon Party. Do not underestimate the wealth of this island that contrasts with its reputation as a party place. For those who do not want to party as if there was no tomorrow. Here is what you can do on Koh Phangan


Diving in Koh Phangan

Discover the most beautiful sites of golf in Thailand. In particular, Sail Rock!
The tropical island of Koh Phangan is an excellent base for scuba diving and snorkeling to the best sites on this side of the Gulf of Thailand.

do in Koh Phangan Divin
What to do in Koh Phangan ?


Mu Ko Ang Thong National Park

Ang Thong National Marine Park is a fascinating archipelago of 42 or so islands in the Central Gulf Coast of Southern Thailand. Just Wach the video…


Kite Surfing in Koh Phangan

Follow an introductory or advanced training session, or simply do a discovery day. You will enjoy to pratice the Kite Surf.

do in Koh Phangan Kite surfing
What to do in Koh Phangan ?


Discover Slip’N Fly

The first ever water park to open on Koh Phangan opened in November 2014. Now one of the top attractions on the Island the Slip N fly water park.

do in Koh Phangan Slip'N Fly
What to do in Koh Phangan ?


Thai Cooking Class

Thai food is an attraction for lovers of the table, with its colorful flavors, and sometimes strong emotions, especially the one that makes you blush, with the vein of the forehead that does not help to hide your trouble and your bright eyes calling for help.
For food lovers, take the opportunity through Thai cooking classes.

do in Koh Phangan thai cooking class
What to do in Koh Phangan ?


Phangan Bicycle Tours

Local Cycling Adventures
Fun and informative Island biking adventures, that the average tourist will not get to discover.
The level is No Hills – No Skills

do in Koh Phangan bike
What to do in Koh Phangan ?



Discover Just for Fun – Canopy Adventure or Safari boat valley and put your feelings to the test.

Nature becomes a space of play to savor every place, no limit is allowed. Only enjoy and have fun every moment.

do in Koh Phangan Zipline
What to do in Koh Phangan ?



The fauna and flora of koh phangan is a real jewel.
Phangan has it all – the mountains, the sunset, the shallow and deep waters, the new roads through the jungle, the forest lush and the paths to follow.

do in Koh Phangan Trekking
What to do in Koh Phangan ?



Enjoy the sunset for a yoga session.



The Thong Sala Night Market is a must do while you’re in Koh Phangan.
Ideal place to enjoy all that your belly will allow you. The seafood selection is so good and the meals always come out fresh and delicious!

do in Koh Phangan market
What to do in Koh Phangan ?

Full Moon Party

Koh Phangan is a very special place, there are few places in this world where you can live out your desert island dreams of palm trees and white sand beaches, and still have a blinding night out at a rocking party every month.

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do in Koh Phangan Fullmoon Party

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